La Table de Joel Robuchon

We recently had the opportunity to eat at La Table, Joel Robuchon's TWO Michelin star restaurant here in Ebisu. Tim and several of his coworkers made the reservation and I (and the other Palantir wife) were lucky enough to come along.


This beautiful chateau houses a total of three Robuchon eateries and a gorgeous bar. Since we *only* tried the two Michelin star restaurant, we will have to go back to experience the three star establishments - Joel Robuchon Salon and Joel Robuchon Restaurant (we'll have to save up enough pennies first!).

We enjoyed a delicious 2 1/2 hour prix fixe menu. Take a look at the mouth-watering line up.

I was able to snap a few shots of the delicacies but I felt so anxious whipping out my massive phone that I only got a few...

Yes, that was gold on the first plate. I'm pretty sure my favorite part was dessert (shocker). The presentation was so sculptural - a chocolate ball sitting underneath a cap of hard chocolate, and when you broke into the chocolate you saw that the bottom of the cup was filled with delicious ganache and the ball was actually the Oreo covered ice cream. Wow.

Joel Robuchon, well done. Fancy but most importantly, YUMMY!