Jeff & Michelle!

Jeff and Michelle came for a Japanese adventure and we were so excited to see them!

Tim spent some time showing them around Tokyo before they headed off to Kyoto. On their last night in Japan we went to a delicious yakiniku spot (where we had our own private room) and got the chance to catch up on their travels.

After dinner we headed to a nearby game center and located one of their Purikura booths (short for Purinto Kurabu - the Japanese way to say Print Club). These photo booths are like our photo booths back home but sprinkled with fairy dust, lots of pink, and even a soundtrack! After selecting the format of our photos, we jumped into a booth and the music started - we selected Taylor Swift, of course! We were given some time to prep, the camera snapped, and we stepped into our next poses. The booth even flashes photos of girls so you can copy their dainty poses and get more into character. 

After the shoot was done the real fun started. We got our first glimpse of our super CUTE selves! Well, cute in the Japanese sense - giant eyes and skin so blurred that Jeff's beard *almost disappeared. We sat in front of a screen and added digital accessories, changed hair color, enhanced makeup, and generally made ourselves even MORE かわいい !!!

Here are the amazing results:

Jeff and Michelle, thank you so much for visiting! It was so nice to see some familiar faces from home. :)