Permanent Tokyo Address

We finally relocated to our very own Tokyo apartment!

A couple of weeks ago Tim and I went to a furniture leasing store and selected some pieces. They said it would take about a week to deliver so in the meantime I prepared for the move.

Each day I brought two suitcases-worth of personal items to the new apartment. This was a pretty good work-out since I had to drag them to the nearest taxi stand, take a seven minute ride over, unpack, and then haul the suitcases back on foot. I think I made eight trips altogether (no gym needed!). 

Last Thursday our movers arrived with all of our rented furniture, the washing machine, kitchen appliances, bedding, towels, and many kitchen utensils. They were expedient and professional and it was pretty nice to just hang out while they did all the heavy lifting and assembling.


We were even given a care package with a warm, "Welcome to Japan!" :)

We’re still waiting for our permanent sofa and coffee table (special pieces we picked out from a hip store called Bo Concept) but everything else is here and we're all settled in.

Please enjoy our apartment tour!