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$10 Airtight Filament Storage and Spool Holder (Drybox)

I made a very simple spool holder. It’s been holding up pretty well. After using it for a month, it’s definitely the easiest one to print and use. The best part about this is that you only have to open it up when the filament runs out, otherwise there isn’t a reason to open it up.

Although many people have used this container, it was complicated by the printed parts. I designed a very simple holder for the filament using OnShape

The specific container can be found on amazon via this link.

For the STL dukes and instructions to make one yourself, check it out on thingiverse!

NSX cassette tape phone mount

1991 NSX Interior with mount

1991 NSX Interior with mount

Cassette Mount

I designed a cassette mount. It’s universal, but was specifically designed for the NSX. I designed this using OnShape, and it was one of my first designs that I’ve created with intent to actually use. I think it came out pretty well. On the NSX, it doesn’t block the vents and the radio controls can still be accessed. It does block the AC controls, but that can’t be avoided due to how close all the controls are in the center console.

There are two pieces to print: a cassette mount and a phone adapter.

  • The cassette mount comes in with a straight surface or a 90 degree mounting surface. The straight surface can be used for vent mounts and the 90 degree edge can be used with a ball joint adapter or a printed mount.

  • The phone mount, used with the 90 degree cassette mount, has a ball joint adapter that can be used with other universal mounts, or a fully printable holder.

Download and print

You’ll need to download a cassette mount, and depending on how you will mount your phone, an adapter. Click images to download files.

Print these out of PETG or ABS because they’ll be sitting in your car and you don’t want them to deform.