Roppongi Hills

Only two train stops away is a place called Roppongi. It's known for it's ex-pat presence, nightlife, and big shopping center - Roppongi Hills. Tim and I took a stroll through Roppongi Hills on a SUPER hot day. We wilted instantly and couldn't stay long but we still experienced an eye-full during our stay.

This might be familiar - the famous "Maman" by Louise Bourgeois. Eek!

Here's a view of the inside of Roppongi Hills mall. It has a very modern layout with various towers that don't connect to each other but open to a common atrium below.

Check out this stage where you can take professional photos with bursts of water. People lined up for this!

With the intense heat I was in need of some refreshment. This hit the spot! Kirin beer with a beer foam whip on top. Yummmm! This was definitely a crowd favorite.


The thing that drew us there in the first place was the Doraemon exhibit. These cute little blue anime cats are sprawled all over the Roppongi Hills plaza. They each have adorable expressions and some carry cute little objects. As you can see, kids (and parents) were crawling all over this exhibit and it was pretty impossible to get a clear shot of a group of doraemon without tons of human heads and limbs, too. Can you spot us? :)

Before we left we got a chance to stop and smell the roses (one giant one, that is) and get a glimpse of Tokyo Tower.