Ginza is the high end side of Tokyo, equivalent to Beverly Hills. Two of the best stationary stores have locations there (and I LOVE stationary) so I set off to visit them.

Check out the gorgeous store fronts!

Look at the texture of Max Mara!

Look at the texture of Max Mara!

My first stop was Loft. There are many locations and this one happens to have only one floor. It was full of everything you could want, though: potted plants, cards, pharmacy products, cosmetics, travel goods, briefcases, and more.

This place had NO PHOTO signs everywhere, just like Shinjuku 109. But, I was able to snap one to show you how I practice my hiragana and katakana...

Notice the katakana sign on the top? It reads "su-te-pu-ra"... Hear it? Stapler! :D

The next store is considered Tokyo's BEST stationary store - Itoya. I had visited their old location on my April trip but was lucky enough to see their brand new store this time. IMPRESSIVE. This place is heaven for anyone who loves cards/stationary, fine paper, writing utensils, or crafting. They even grow lettuce on the 11th floor to supply to their restaurant on the 12th! 

Tim told me about a mochi shop just down the street, called Ginza Akebono Ginza Honten. I was able to select three pieces with a lot of pointing and "Kore o kudasai".  She made sure that I knew it had to be eaten today. See the expiration date on the box? YUM. Left to right: red bean, strawberry, green tea

My goodies: Hello Kitty pen, postcards, washi tape that looks like vines (adorable!) and the best one of all: sweat pads that stick under your arms! I thought I was the only one who had thought of this! Can't wait to see if they work - I am sweating like crazy in this Tokyo heat.