When we came to Tokyo back in 2012 we made a visit to Senso-ji Shrine, the oldest shrine in Tokyo (dating back to 645!). It had been awhile so I wanted to make another trip to Asakusa. It was freezing and not too crowded the last time I was there... This time it was hot, humid, and full of summer tourists. Still a beautiful experience!

They say that if you light a stick of incense and pull the smoke towards ailing body parts, they will be healed.

Throw some money into the box, clap, and say your prayers.

The tour book listed another intriguing Asakusa spot to visit: Kappabashi-dori Street, lined with whole-sale shops that supply to restaurants. Seeing tons of dishware, silverware, cookware, etc. isn't that interesting. What IS interesting is that Japanese restaurants love to display their dishes in their windows - fake, plastic versions. Where do these plastic dishes come from? Kappabashi-dori! The realism is pretty impressive.