Shinjuku Skyscrapers

When you think of Shinjuku you usually think of the east side: the shopping, the red light district, the bars, and clubs. But if you decide to head west it's another world.

Instead of meandering down crooked, winding roads you'll march down straight, grid-like streets. Instead of funky, colorful shops and restaurants, you'll pass somber rows of office buildings. But, the west side is the place to go to find the city's skyscrapers and that means... VIEWS.

The Metropolitan Government Office Building can't be missed. Supposedly the architect, Kenzo Tange, was inspired by Notre Dame when he designed the two towers. 

Taking the elevator up the North Tower, I was impressed that we reached the 48th floor in only 55 seconds. We all rushed out out and headed straight for the giant glass windows. Seeing Tokyo from the sky is pretty spectacular.

It was a little disappointing that it was too hazy to see Mount Fuji to the west or the Japanese Alps to the north, but that just gives me more reason to head back another day.