Robot Restaurant

Tim told me about Robot Restaurant when he took his friends, Toan and Janice, back in the spring. When we found out that his coworkers wanted to go as much as I did, we booked our tickets for Friday and started getting excited.

You would think that heading a few stops down the Yamanote Line would be an easy trip. Not so when you're going from Ebisu to Shinjuku on a Friday night. With the massive crowds pouring in and out of each station and the amount of activity on the streets of Shinjuku, it's a miracle we didn't lose anyone!

Shinjuku streets

Shinjuku streets

Checking in we noticed that almost every customer was English-speaking. This show was made for US.

Then, we stepped into the lounge...

Psychedelic lounge full of, yes, golden snail's shells.

Psychedelic lounge full of, yes, golden snail's shells.

Cue the lounge singer. This is when we knew we were in for something amazing.

Here we are, finally in our seats, excited out of our minds:

Now, I don't want to give TOO much away, especially for those who will be joining us to experience this crazy town for themselves, but here are a few highlights.

If this post doesn't convince you to visit us in Japan, I don't know what will. Best. Show. Ever.