Christmas Came Early!

Oh yes I did! :-p

Oh yes I did! :-p

While we love our apartment and have been settling in nicely, the arrival of our six boxes full of household goods was just what we needed! We were each able to bring two large suitcases onto the plane but they were full of clothes and shoes.

Enter: our boxes! We'd filled them with framed photos, closet organizers, rice cooker, coffee bean grinder, makeup mirror, clothes hangers, shelf liner, and yes - more clothes.

Important things that any non-native Japanese would want to include: toothpaste, face wash, female products, deodorant, over-the-counter medicine... basically any personal product that you buy off the shelf in Target and figure is a staple... is NOT going to be found in Japan. Sure, there may be Japanese versions, but having the comforts of your bathroom essentials from home is priceless.

Now it's beginning to feel like OUR home. :)