Home Sweet Home

We are currently living in Palantir's corporate apartment building in the middle of Tokyo. It's a convenient 15-minute walk to the Ebisu train station and to Tim's office.

I stayed in a different unit when I came in April so I wasn't sure what I would think of this one. While it's a bit quirky (those painted walls remind me of college suite decor) the layout is quite American and roomy. It has everything we could want - fully stocked kitchen, comfy queen-sized bed, good-sized bathroom, and (most importantly) room for a blow-up mattress for our GUESTS. Hint hint. :)

One downside is the incredibly slow internet speed, which makes working from home very hard for Tim. For that reason we are looking into other housing options that are still walking distance to Tim's office. Today we toured six units with a real estate agent. They were all small spaces that ranged from 530-678 square feet and most of them had small bedrooms that connected to the central living space with sliding pocket doors. Very different! We will see where our search takes us but for now we're pretty happy in our Ebisu apartment.

- Sarah