Tim started working in the Tokyo office in March. It had been hard to do long distance, so I jumped at the chance to make the trip out to see him... and visit Tokyo, of course! My school's spring break was the second week of April so I had  full week to enjoy spring in Japan. We wanted to have a little adventure so we made the day trip out to Nikko.

Nikko is UNESCO World Heritage Site and includes a gorgeous series of temples in the middle of huge forest. To get there we took a bus tour two hours out of the city. Unfortunately, I didn't anticipate how motion sick I would become (something I really should be prepared for, by the way, seeing as how I get motion sick a lot). This meant I had to request a seat in the first row - next to the tour guide - and stare hard out the front windows. 

Along the way we saw gorgeous Lake Chuzenji, at 1,291m, is the highest altitude lake in Japan. We also saw Kegon Waterfall - another beautiful spot.


- Sarah